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I may be able to resolve this, but I am working from the other side of the issue. So, if any of you has some insight for me that would be great! I would happily use some of those other elemental models in the post I linked above, as they are great, except that it would 'break' player pets in those zones. For example, using the ore elemental in BQ would cause player's pets to appear like that as well. That would probably be interesting, but I cannot think of a lore reason why player pets would do that!

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Olive , Jan 21, Joined: Dec 11, Messages: Lore reason: They are elementals and take on aspects of their environment. Works for me. Gargate , Jan 21, Last edited: Jan 22, Grinkles , Jan 21, Zaela , Jan 22, Grinkles , Jan 22, Well, partial success. I got an alternate texture to show up on a model by simply appending things to the very end of the. I'm hoping I just overlooked something.

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Maybe it's just getting stuck in loading mode. Promising, in any case.

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It was enough to get me to switch back to classic from the Luclin models for them. Thank you! I heartily cheer on any further work in investigating texture modding and other such stuff. Lenowill , Jan 24, Been too lazy to work on the adding texture sets to. In the meantime I wanted to see if I could make some arbitrary things semi-transparent. Much easier, apparently.

Dauntless: Elemental Tailgem - How to Get Them -

Probably not so interesting though. Zaela , Jan 29, Don't discount the usefulness of transparency, Zaela. You may have just opened up a whole new world of options for custom zone-building -- now there would be an easy way for any developer to create a "ghost" or undead version of any mob in the database without even having to do any palette swapping on the textures themselves!

Making natively transparent models non-transparent might present some interesting options, too; I'm thinking of the ghosts used in Highkeep and North Freeport, for instance.

I'm also wondering about how your advances might be applied to armors and especially held items. For instance, if you could find it possible to insert multiple copies of, say, the model for Wand of the High Researcher, it might then be viable for yourself or another dev to color the textures in a totally different way including particles, which I've demonstrated in this post , thereby vastly expanding the potential for diversifying the way our characters look.

When a high-profile weapon model is shared by several pieces of raid loot, a dev could in theory clone the model a few times and colorize or retexture each one in a unique way that has never before been possible. Unique items could be given truly unique looks in order to differentiate them from other items using the same model, meaning we'd no longer have to "save" the coolest-looking weapon models purely for a single high-end drop or whatever the case may be.

Easiest way to farm elemental tailgems

I'm not even sure if this is possible in the same way it is for adding new textures or transparency, though, because it would involve asking the database to load entirely "new" model IDs instead of a new texture within an already-present model I look forward to any other updates, even if the above isn't of interest to you. Killing these monsters grants materials like the Elemental Tailgem used to craft stronger gear to fight stronger monsters.

An Elemental Tail

Not every material found from a monster is acquired through merely killing it. A big part of Dauntless is breaking parts of the Behemoth off, like its horns or tail. This can be tricky considering the monsters behave erratically. The Elemental Tailgem will only drop from a Behemoth who is threat level 8 or better, making it a challenge. At this level, you also will need to communicate with your team to make sure everyone has a similar weapon to increase your chances of cutting off the tail. The Elemental Tailgem is known as a reagent, which is used to craft specific levels of weapons and armor.

Get a party of four together and coordinate well to ensure you can get them as quickly as possible to avoid a significant grind. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Twinfinite.

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